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Jobs In Haryana

Haryana Jobs
Jobs In Haryana
The state of Haryana belonging to the Kuru region in North India was formed on 1st November 1966. Adobe God'is the meaning of the Sanskrit word Haryana. The state is referred to as the cradle of the Indus Valley and Vedic civilization that flourished on the banks of the Saraswati river disappeared. Chandigarh union territory is the capital of Haryana and Punjab too. Epic and other major wars fought wars he influenced the development of Indian history. Haryana was under the administration of the province of Punjab in British India. However, after the independence of the state became part of the Indian Union as the 17th State of India formed on a linguistic basis in 1966.

The State of Haryana extends about 44,212 and is located in the north of India forming the borders with Himachal Pradesh to the north, Punjab and Rajasthan to the west and south respectively. Its eastern boundary is defined by the Yamuna long Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh river. As it surrounds Delhi in the north side, west and south, a large part of the state is included in the National Capital region. Most of the state consists of the Yamuna plain - Gaggar in the North East is the Shivalik Hills in the south of the Aravalli range and south-eastern lowland semi-desert sand. These are the four major geographic regions of the state.

Saraswati, the river disappeared today is believed to have crossed the state of Haryana. The eastern border of Haryana is surrounded by the river Yamuna. Its main seasonal river Ghaggar is rising between Yamuna and Sutlej the outer Himalayas. Markanda which was previously known as Aruna is another seasonal river that comes from Haryana Shivalik hills and enters the state near Ambala. The excess water from the river Markanda Sanisa reached the lake where it merges with Saraswati. Other main stream is Tangari rising in Mewat hills. Indori, Dohan and Kasawati are other rivers that rise from Mewat Hills.

The State of Haryana is experiencing a climate that is similar to those States which lies north of the plains of India. During the summer, the state goes through severe [a high level of 50 degrees Celsius] and the hottest months are May and hot weather in June In the winter season, the state will shiver in the cold [less than 1 degree Celsius] and the coldest months are December and January. The monsoon season during the months of July and September brings 80% of the precipitation that often results in local flooding.
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Bureau of Pharma Public Sector BPPI- Recruitment 2014
Haryana Staff Selection Commission(HSSC) Recruitment 2014

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