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Jobs In Gujarat

Gujarat Jobs
Jobs In Gujarat
Gujarat is one of the most diverse states in India the . Gujarat gets its name from the word " Gujaratta . Gujaratta means the land of gurjars . The gurjars were a sub-tribe of the Huns who ruled the region
during the 8th and 9th centuries AD . They passed through Punjab and settled in some parts of western India, which came to be known as Gujarat. The State of Gujarat is an industrialized state. The state of Gujarat is not a popular tourist destination among foreign and Indian tourists, but still holds an important place in India. Gujarat is bounded by the Arabian Sea on the west, Rajasthan in the north and northeast by the Madhya Pradesh to the east and Maharashtra in the south and southeast. The state has an international border and has a common border with Pakistan to the north -western outskirts . It is located at the north end of the west coast of India and covers an area of 196,024 square km. Gandhinagar , near Ahmedabad is the capital of the state of Gujarat . People of Gujarat are also known to be a thriving business community. Currently , Gujarat has 25 districts. The official and primary language is Gujarati .
The State of Gujarat is known worldwide for its sacred temples, historic capitals , wildlife sanctuaries , beaches , hill stations , craft fascinating water to the kitchen and colorful lifestyle of the people of Gujarat mouth. This condition can also be visited during your trip to Mumbai and Rajasthan. The best time to visit Gujarat is October to March .PGVCl Recruitment 2014

The history of Gujarat goes back 3500 years. Civilization Harappa and Mohenjo- Daro can be known through archaeological discoveries at Lothal near Dhandauka in the district of Ahmedabad and Razdi in Saurashtra . The history of Gujarat flows through dynamic key states and kingdoms of Saurashtra . According to legends, the Somnath shore temple was built by Soma , the god of the moon for himself the creation of the Universe. The kingdom of Lord Krishna was also built to Dwaraka in Gujarat. Gujarat was also present in the exploitation of the great Buddhist emperor Ashoka and his rock edicts can be seen near Junagarh .
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