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Jobs in Meghalaya

Meghalaya Jobs
Jobs in Meghalaya
Small Description About Meghalaya: It is a picturesque but tiny state in the northern region of India. As the state has remained cut off from the common in India for a long time due to some ethnic problems , he was able to survive the onslaught of crass commercialization that has taken on other famous tourist centers of India. As the name , the state receives heavy rainfall and two wettest places on the planet are located in Meghalaya . Full of vibrant culture , tradition, great beauty and tranquility are the attractions of the state that can take any tourist in.
The first written history of the state emerged only after the British tried to build a railway line in the field to connect Bengal and Assam that ultimately led to a treaty with the Principality of Khasi Nonkhlaw . However, the treaty entered opposition , which forced the king to repudiate the treaty in 1829. This has led to a direct confrontation between Khasis and Colombia and by the 1830s , local leaders submitted to it. Tribes continued their practices in solitude until the leaders of the region have joined the newly independent country of India.The region was included in the United Province of Assam for administrative reasons , which led the agitation by the local population. The region was granted full state January 21, 1972 .

Meghalaya is located in the north-eastern region of India and extends latitude 20 ° 1'' N - 26 ° N and longitude 5'' 49 '' E 85 ° -92 ° 52 '' E. It extends about 300 km long and 100 km wide. It is bounded on the north and east by the Indian state of Assam and south and west by Bangladesh . A compact and isolated state in the northeast region of India, Meghalaya extends 22,429 square kilometers of land. The landscape of Meghalaya is mostly rolling plateau with south facing slopes - is extremely steep . With the hill rising to 2,000 m , the state is cool despite the proximity of the tropics. The state has many lakes and waterfalls. Meghalaya is in a belt earthquake and has already faced some of them in the past centuries.
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