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Jobs in Jammu And Kashmir

Jammu  And Kashmir Jobs
Small Description About Jammu and Kashmir:It is a state in India. It is a great state and was led by a Maharaja ( Indian King ) in the past. Jammu and Kashmir consists of many parts , but is called Jammu and Kashmir because the two most populous regions of the state are called Jammu and Kashmir . There are other distinct regions of the state, including Ladakh, Gilgit , Baltistan and Skardu . Neighboring India , Pakistan , grabbed many of these areas , there are approximately 50 years. Some parts of the state were forcibly taken to China. Much of the initial state of Jammu and Kashmir remains as a state in India.

Kashmir is a beautiful valley in the northern part of India. It is part of a state called Jammu and Kashmir . The Kashmir valley is surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the world. The valley is green and highly populated. The people of this valley are highly evolved and therefore dominated the history and culture of the state.

India is in the southern part of Asia. It is the seventh largest country in the world and second only to China in terms of population. In short, it is a huge country . As the United States of America , India consists of a number of states . Each state has its own laws and customs but in important national issues , such as national security and foreign affairs , each state must obey the central government based in New Delhi. In the United States , a governor rules of each state. Similarly, in each Indian state , the people of the state elect a leader who is called the head of government.
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