Monday, 1 April 2013


Entertainment is the word which attracts and hold attention of an individual. Movies, music and sports are the main entertainment sections of the Indian Audience. Entertainment is the main part of our life. If you don’t have entertainment the life will be boring. Education, Jobs and Entertainment are the main interests and requirement of an individual in this world. This website brings these requirements at one place. You can get the news, reviews, interviews, photos and video’s from the world of Hollywood, Bollywood and other film Industries of India in the Entertainment section.

The site has four parts Movies, Videos, Audios and news. The movie section has sub pages like English Movies, Hindi Movies, Kannada Movies, Telugu Movies, Tamil Movies, Malayalam Movies and Other Movies. This helps the viewers to find the regional movies with Hindi and English movies in this site. The second part is Videos. In this part you can find links on English Video, Hindi Video, Telugu Videos, Tamil Videos, Malayalam Video and other Videos. The movie trailers are also found in this page. Next comes the Audio section where we can find the links of English Audio, Hindi Audio, Telugu Audio, Tamil Audio, Malayalam Audio and other language Audios of India. The last part is the news. In this part you can find the reviews of the released movies, upcoming movies, and release dates of the movies. The website also helps the audience to give their comments on the movies. You also can know your stars in the “Know your Stars” section. The audience will have to be in touch with the website to know the details of the film world. Hollywood is the biggest film industry in the world. Bollywood is the no. 1 film industry of India. The other regional movie industries also give good competition to Hollywood and Bollywood. The good news about movies in India is India has completed 100 years of cinema and Indian cinemas are famous in the global market. Indian films releases in countries like U. K, U. S. A, Canada, Malaysia, China and also other parts of the world. In this 101st year of Indian cinema there are many movies to be audio and video to be launched. The website will updates the details in a daily basis.

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