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Jobs in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Jobs
Jobs in Tamil Nadu
Small Description about Tamil Nadu:It has a glorious past , a vibrant culture , rich history , and natural resources in the form of blue beaches and clear skies . You can enjoy the beach in Marina , take a cruise in the theme parks, or leave the search of the spirit of peace in the midst of magnificent temples . Alternatively, one can savor mouthwatering dosas , savor the refreshing filter coffee, or enjoy bharatnatyam shows. Tamil Nadu is not only about the past, but he put his site in the future . The state grows rapidly on all fronts whether it is economic, social , human resources , culture , and so on. Tamil Nadu is one of the top three Indian states , which receive the highest foreign investment in sectors such as automotive, information technology , energy , telecommunications and others. On the social front , the state has a high per capita income , it is easy availability of social resources for people and produces quite a number of qualified staff to increase productivity. No wonder the past and present in Tamil Nadu has a harmonious coexistence.Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) Delhi Ave

Tamil Nadu was ruled by three major dynasties Chola - the east , the Pandya in the central area and Cheras in the west. This was during the Sangam age - the classical period of Tamil literature , which continued for about 300 years after the birth of Christ. The Pallava dynasty was influential particularly in the 7th and 8th centuries , the evidence of which are the monuments of Mamallapuram . In the 13th century , the threats of Muslim invasions from the north, the southern Hindu dynasties combined and the empire of Vijayanagar , which covered all of southern India, has been firmly established. However, by the 17th century , due to the disintegration of the Vijayanagar Empire, various small rulers like the Nayaks ruled southern India . The mid- 18th century , there were frequent conflicts between the British, French , Danish, Dutch and because of their interest in these areas. The British were finally victorious, while small pockets like Pondicherry and Karaikal remained under French control. Under British rule , most of south India was integrated into the region called the Madras Presidency . In 1956, the Madras Presidency was disbanded and Tamil Nadu was created.
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