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Jobs in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Jobs
Jobs in Rajasthan
Small Description About  Rajasthan : It is the one of the state in India,this land of kings  is a place of camels plodding over the sand dunes of the Thar Desert . It is a state of proud men with mustaches and women with twinkling anklets in colorful swirling Ghagras . The landscape is dotted with island palaces shimmering on idyllic blue lakes, temples and fortresses situated on the heights of the rugged Aravalli ; exquisite palace built during the reign of some of her many erstwhile Rajput dynasties , and although landscaped gardens with pavilions and kiosks, which add to the splendor and whimsical charm of this majestic land . However , Rajasthan is not only safe, palaces and culture . The state is also a place in India, which has marched ahead with its development programs . Problems people have remained as the central idea of governance has been put in the hands of the villagers themselves. Of course, this state is a destination in India, where one can go empty handed.
Rajasthan is the home of the brave Rajputs known for their bravery and chivalry , Rajasthan is said to have been a region where human settlement dates back to the early historical period . Archaeological excavations establish a connection with the Harappan culture , which dates back to around 1000BC . In the period 3000 - 500 BC this region was part of the housing of the river valley . The relics of Virat also speaks of the area being inhabited by pre -Aryan people of the oldest known thrust Karara Nanya ( modern Ajmer Pushkar ) .

The first Aryan settlement here was Dundhmer in modern Dundhar . The influence of Jainism and Buddhism also spread in this region. He attended the ruler of Magadha , Kushanas and Gupta, during which it was divided into Mahajanapadas and Janapadas . Rajasthan was part of the Mauryan Empire in 130 - 150AD and the Guptas ruled in the 4th century. From about 640AD Gujars , Pratiharas , Chauhans , etc.
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