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Jobs in Nagaland

Nagaland Jobs
Jobs in Nagaland
About The Nagaland state: It is one  of the state in  India.It was born on 1 December 1963 . Nagaland is located on the easternmost region of India . One of the seven sister states of India , Nagaland is mostly covered by high mountains . The hospitality of the people , culture and tradition just touch the heart . In addition , Nagaland is an ideal destination for trekking, climbing and jungle camping.

Nagaland is located in the extreme north is just below Arunachal Pradesh. It has on its long eastern strip of the neighboring country of Myanmar. The north is bounded by Arunachal Pradesh, while on the west is the state of Assam. Manipur borders the south. Abundant rains in Nagaland . The average rainfall is between 175 cm and 250 cm. Most heavy rainfall is during the four months from June to September . Rains from April to May is low. Strong winds blow from the north -west in February and March . The climate is pleasant . The terrain is hilly, rugged and mountainous . The highlight is Saramati in Twensang district, which is 3840 meters above the level of the Sea. The average height of the peaks between 900 and 1200 meters. The hillsides are covered with green forests. In the Angami region terraced fields are a feast for the eyes.

The early history of Nagaland is well documented. The chronicles of the neighboring kingdom of Ahom in Assam notes customs, economic activities of the Naga tribes .

The Naga tribes had socio -economic and political links with tribes in Assam and Myanmar - still a large population of Naga inhabits Assam. Following an invasion in 1816 , the area with Assam was under direct rule of Myanmar. This period was noted for oppressive rule and turmoil in Assam and Nagaland . When the British East India Company took control of Assam in 1826 , they expanded their area regularly modern Nagaland . In 1892, all of modern Nagaland except the Tuensang area in the northeast governed by the British . It was politically amalgamated into Assam , which in turn has been for a long time part of the province of Bengal.

After the independence of India, Mizoram has continued to be part of Assam. The district was carved out of Assam under the Reorganization Act of 1971 and elevated to the territory of the Union January 21, 1972 . In 1987, Mizoram became a full state share 23 countries .
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