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Jobs in Chattis Garh

Chattis Garh Jobs
Jobs in Chattis Garh
Small Description about Chhattisgarh: Chhattisgarh came into existence as a State on 1 November 2000 by the partitioning of the 16 districts southeast of undivided Madhya Pradesh. It shares its border with six states, namely Orissa, east, Jharkhand in the north-east, Madhya Pradesh in the north-west, Uttar Pradesh in the north, Maharashtra in the west and Andhra Pradesh in the south. The state has a rich cultural heritage that includes its diverse business, folk dance, food and theater, and attractive natural diversity. It is also home to some of the oldest caves in India, most beautiful waterfalls, palaces, picturesque temples, Buddhist sites, cave paintings, mountain plateaus and rare wildlife. Although the northern and southern parts of the state are hilly, the central part is fertile plain. Mountains, plateaus and plains make up about one third each physiography of the state. The main rivers of the state include Mahanadi, Indravati, Godavari, Narmada, Hasdo, Shivnath and Arpa. Identified as one of the richest biodiversity in the country habitats, Chhattisgarh is one of the densest forests in India, rich fauna, many species of exotic flora and fauna and abundant NTFPs , with a huge potential for value creation.
 After training as a state, the original nine districts were further bifurcated and, therefore, the state now has 27 administrative units in the district. In the last phase of the reorganization of districts, nine new districts were created and notified January 26, 2012 to bring the administration and governance closer to the people, and also to deal with space and other challenges that faces the State.

 With a geographical area of ​​135,000 km , is the state of Chhattisgarh in India tenth. It is also a major electricity and steel producing state in India with nearly 15 percent of the country's steel produced here. In fact, it is one of the few states in the country that is surplus power and prepares to position itself as the energy hub of the country. Not only that, but nearly 15 percent of cement production in India, 30 percent aluminum and 27 percent steel and sponge iron is also produced in Chhattisgarh. Other minerals found in Chhattisgarh are coal, iron ore, bauxite, tin, dolomite and limestone. The state also has mega industries in sectors such as steel, power, aluminum and cement. 

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