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Medical Colleges List In Chhattis Garh

Medical Colleges List In Chhattis Garh

We have  Found 149 both Medical colleges And Nursing Colleges in Chhattis Garh,which are Govt&Private Colleges, mentioned below.                     

  1.  A K School Of Nursing-Ahasamund,Chhattis Garh
  2.  A K School Of Nursing-Korea,Chhattis Garh
  3.  Aadarsh Nursing Institute - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  4.  Adarsh Nursing Institute Private Limited - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  5.  Adeshwar Nursing Institute - Bastar,Chhattis Garh
  6.  Adeshwar Nursing Institute-Chattisgarh
  7.  Akta Nursing Institute-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  8.  Ananya Anm Training Centre-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  9.  Anm Training Centre-Uttar Bastar Kanker,Chhattis Garh
  10.  Apollo College Of Nursing - Durg,Chhattis Garh
  11.  Apollo College Of Nursing-chattisgarh,Chhattis Garh
  12.  Apollo College-Durg,Chhattis Garh
  13.  Ayushman College Of Nursing-Champa,Chhattis Garh
  14.  Bethany College Of Nursing-Durg,Chhattis Garh
  15.  Bodhini Devi Nursing Institute-Jagdalpur,Chhattis Garh
  16. Bodhni Devi Educational Society-Jagdalpur,Chhattis Garh
  17.  C G College Of Nursing-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  18.  C G Institute Of Nursing-Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  19.  C G School Of Nursing - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  20.  C G School Of Nursing-Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  21.  C M Nursing Institute - Chandulal Chandrakar Mem Hospital- Durg,Chhattis Garh
  22.  C M Nursing Institute - Durg,Chhattis Garh
  23.  C M Nursing Institute- - Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Hospital- -Durg,Chhattis Garh
  24.  Central India College Of Nursing - Rajnandgaon,Chhattis Garh
  25.  Central India College Of Nursing - Rajnandgoan,Chhattis Garh
  26.  Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Hospital -Durg,Chhattis Garh
  27.  Chandulal Chandrakar Nursing Institute-Bhilai,Chhattis Garh
  28.  Chattisgarh Dental College & Research Institute- Rajnandgaon Chhadamilal Chouksey C.L.Homoeopathic,Chhattis Garh Medical College and Hospital,Chhattis Garh
  29.  Chhattisgarh Anm Training Centre-Ambikapur,Chhattis Garh
  30.  Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences- Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  31.  Chhattisgarh Nursing College-durg,Chhattis Garh
  32.  Christ College nursing-Basatr,Chhattis Garh
  33.  Christian Hospital School Of Nursing - Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  34.  College Of Nursing - Bhillai,Chhattis Garh
  35.  College of Nursing - Chhattisgarh
  36.  College Of Nursing - Durg,Chhattis Garh
  37.  College Of Nursing Apollo Hospitals-Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  38.  College Of Nursing_Bhilai,Chhattis Garh
  39.  College Of Nursing- - Bhilai,Chhattis Garh
  40.  College Of Nursing- - Bhilai,Chhattis Garh
  41.  College Of Nursing- -Bhilai,Chhattis Garh
  42.  College Of Nursing- Dhamtari,Chhattis Garh
  43.  College Of Nursing- Modern Medical Institute - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  44.  College Of Nursing-Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  45.  Confluence School Of Nursing-Rajnandgoan,Chhattis Garh
  46.  Dhamtari Christian Hospital - College Of Nursing - Dhamtari,Chhattis Garh
  47.  Dhamtari Christian Hospital - College Of Nursing- Dhamtari,Chhattis Garh
  48.  Dr Rajendra Prasad College Of Nursing-Durg,Chhattis Garh
  49.  Dr Rajindra Prasad College Of Nursing-Chattisgarh,Chhattis Garh
  50.  Fellowship School Of Nursing-Mahasamund,Chhattis Garh
  51.  Female Health Worker Training Center-Jashpur,Chhattis Garh
  52.  Female Health Worker Training Centre-Dhamtari,Chhattis Garh
  53.  Female Health Worker Training Centre-Rajnandgaon,Chhattis Garh
  54.  G N M Training Centre- Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  55.  Gayatri Education Institute Of Technology-Bhilai,Chhattis Garh
  56.  Goverment College Of Nursing - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  57.  Government College of Nursing - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  58.  Government Medical College- Nmdc- Jagdalpur,Chhattis Garh
  59.  Govt Anm Training School-Koria,Chhattis Garh
  60.  Govt Ayurvedic College-Surguja,Chhattis Garh
  61.  Govt College Of Nursing- Surguja,Chhattis Garh
  62.  Govt College Of Nursing-Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  63.  Govt College Of Nursing-Jagdalpur,Chhattis Garh
  64.  Govt College Of Nursing-Kawardha,Chhattis Garh
  65.  Govt College Of Nursing-Raigarh,Chhattis Garh
  66.  Govt Female Health Worker Training Centre-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  67.  Govt. College Of Nursing-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  68.  Govt. Dental College- Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  69.  Gracious College Of Nursing- - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  70.  Gracious School Of Nursing - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  71.  Gracious School Of Nursing-Kabirdham,Chhattis Garh
  72.  Holy Cross College of Nursing - SURGUJA,Chhattis Garh
  73.  Holy Cross College Of Nursing - Surguja,Chhattis Garh
  74.  Holy Cross Hospital - School Of Nursing - Ambikapur,Chhattis Garh
  75.  Holy Cross Hospital- College Of Nursing-Surguja,Chhattis Garh
  76.  Institute Of Multipurpose female Health Worker Training Centre-Chattisgarh,Chhattis Garh
  77.  Institute of Pharmacy-Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  78.  Jackman School Of Nursing - Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  79.  Jagadguru Shankarachariya College Of Nursing - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  80.  Jagadguru Shankaracharya College Of Nursing-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  81.  Jan Swasthya Sahyog-Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  82.  K B Patel College Of Nursing-koria,Chhattis Garh
  83.  Kalindi Academy Of Nursing Sciences - Mahasamund,Chhattis Garh
  84.  Kalindi Institute Of Nursing Sciences - Kanker,Chhattis Garh
  85.  Lovekush Institute Of Nursing-Ambikapur,Chhattis Garh
  86.  Lovekush Institute Of Nursing-Chhattisgarh,Chhattis Garh
  87.  Lovekush Institute Of Nursing-Koria,Chhattis Garh
  88.  M P H W F- Trg Centre- District Hospital-Jagdalpur,Chhattis Garh
  89.  Maa Banjari Anm Training-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  90.  Maa Mangala Anm Training Centre-Raigarh,Chhattis Garh
  91.  Maa Mangala Anm Training Centrer-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  92.  Maa Mangala School Of Nursing - Raigarh,Chhattis Garh
  93.  Maharana Pratap College Of Nursing,Chhattis Garh
  94.  Maharana Pratap Homoeopathic Medical College,Chhattis Garh
  95.  Maharana Pratap School Of Nursing-janjgir Champa,Chhattis Garh
  96.  Maharana Pratap School Of Nursing-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  97.  Mahee Nursing Institute-Chhattisgarh,Chhattis Garh
  98.  Maitri College of Dentistry and Research Centre - Anjora- Durg,Chhattis Garh
  99.  Maitri College Of Nursing-Durg,Chhattis Garh
  100.  Margdarshan Sansthan College Of Nursing-Korea,Chhattis Garh
  101.  Mata Laxmi Nursing Institute-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  102.  Modern Medical Institute- School Of Nursing - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  103.  Mother Teresa College Of Nursing - Durg,Chhattis Garh
  104.  Mother Teresa College Of Nursing -Durg,Chhattis Garh
  105.  Mother Teresa Nursing College-Ambikapur,Chhattis Garh
  106.  Multi Purpose Nursing Training Centre female-Mahasamund,Chhattis Garh
  107.  New Horizon Dental College & Research Instiute - Bilaspu,Chhattis Garhr
  108.  Oriental College Of Nursing-Korba,Chhattis Garh
  109.  P G College Of Nursing - Durg,Chhattis Garh
  110. Pratibha Institute Of Nursing - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  111.  Pt. Gokul Kamla Memorial Education Soceity Anm Training Centre-Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  112.  Pt. J N M Medical College- Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  113.  Pt. J.N.M Medical College- Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  114.  R I T E E College Of Nursing-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  115.  Raipur Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital,Chhattis Garh
  116.  Ramkrishna Institute Of Medical Science-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  117.  Rastogi College Of Nursing - Durg,Chhattis Garh
  118.  Rastogi College Of Nursing - Durg,Chhattis Garh
  119.  Rastogi College Of Nursing -Rajnandgaon,Chhattis Garh
  120. Rastogi College Of Nursing-Rajnandgaon,Chhattis Garh
  121.  Royal College of Pharmacy - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  122.  Rungta College of Dental Sciences & Research - Durg,Chhattis Garh
  123.  S.L.T Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences-Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  124.  Sandipani Academy - Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  125.  Sandipani Academy-Durg,Chhattis Garh
  126.  School Of Nursing - Holy Cross Hospital - Jashpur,Chhattis Garh
  127.  School Of Nursing- Maharani Hospital - Bustar,Chhattis Garh
  128.  Shankaracharya Swami Swaroop Anand College Of Nursing-Bhilai,Chhattis Garh
  129.  Shreyas College Of Nursing-Durg,Chhattis Garh
  130.  Shreyas Nursing School - Bhilai,Chhattis Garh
  131.  Shreyas School Of Nursing-Durg,Chhattis Garh
  132.  Shri Balaji Super Speciality Hospital - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  133.  Shri Chandra Nursing Institute-Durg,Chhattis Garh
  134.  Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute Of Nursing - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  135.  Shri Shankaracharya College Of Nursing - Bhilai,Chhattis Garh
  136.  Shri Shankaracharya College Of Nursing - Durg,Chhattis Garh
  137.  Shri Shrishti College Of Nursin-Durg,Chhattis Garh
  138.  Shri Siddha Balaji School Of Nursing - Rajnandgaon,Chhattis Garh
  139. Shri Siddhi Balaji School Of Nursing-Rajnandgaon,Chhattis Garh
  140.  Shrishti Anm Training Centre-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  141.  Shrishti College Of Nursing - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  142.  Shrishti Institute Of Medical Science & Research Centre-Korba,Chhattis Garh
  143.  Shrishti Institute Of Medical Sciences & Research Centre-Korba,Chhattis Garh
  144.  Siddhi Vinayaka InstituteOf Technology & Sciences - Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  145.  Srishti Nursing College-Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  146.  Surya College Of Nursing- Champa,Chhattis Garh
  147.  The Evangelical Mission Hospital - Raipur,Chhattis Garh
  148. Triveni Institute of Dental Sciences- Hosptial & Research Centre - Bilaspur,Chhattis Garh
  149.  We Care Nursing College-Surguja,Chhattis Garh
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